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Creative Business Consulting Group (CBCG) helps solve retail problems. Help Retail Businesses grow sales, improve marketing, develop visual merchandising, create social media posts and create and maintain inventory management programs.

Goal is to help retailers improve sales and improve profits and maximize business results across the entire operation. 

Optimizing Vendor Relationships

Money Saved, is Money Made

Never underestimate your power of collaborative vendor relationships.

When it comes to improving your bottom line, every dollar counts. There is free money out there— you just need a plan, and a few phone calls to get it.

How We'll Help:

  • Tips and tricks to save you some money
  • List of ten things to ask for, and how
  • Know what levers to pull
  • Deliveries - shipping & returns
  • Leveraging Co-op
  • Vendor conversations

What we'll deliver:

During our time together, we'll drastically improve your relationships with vendors & suppliers by helping you learn what you can, and should ask for, including:

  • Marketing support
  • Social media content & support
  • Ongoing product discounts
  • Enhanced shipping terms
  • Ongoing product discounts
  • Product returns and support for non-selling inventory

With the help and guidance of CBCG we have improved our overall markup, negotiated product discounts, secured funding for our marketing programs and worked with our vendors to rectify end of season financial settlements. CBCG has showed us ways to partner with our vendors that we never thought possible via their extensive retail experience translated for our business.

- Karmen B., Boutique Owner, Denver, CO

We'll help you strategically collect co-op dollars, marketing discounts and other mutually beneficial symbiotic tactics your vendors are already offering. This includes valuable credits for press, social media and the potential for national advertising plugs.

 Get, vendor benefits & respect.

Yes you can . Let us help.