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Creative Business Consulting Group (CBCG) helps solve retail problems. Help Retail Businesses grow sales, improve marketing, develop visual merchandising, create social media posts and create and maintain inventory management programs.

Goal is to help retailers improve sales and improve profits and maximize business results across the entire operation. 


Executable Strategic Plans

The Importance of An Executable, Strategic Business Plan

Why Does Your Retail Business Need a Strategic Plan to Succeed?

A quality guide, built with years of experience and know-how, not only sheds light on your business path, but supports you along the way. An executable plan offers expert insights that will support your passion and vision and help illuminate your path to long term success. 

Strategic & Actionable Roadmaps Lead to Increased Revenue

We specialize in providing our clients with smart, results-oriented strategic planning. So what does that mean? It means we get to know you, and your business in a fundamental, intimate way. We're your expert support crew, dedicated to creating your path to long-term profit!

CBCG is a true business partner. Having them available as our "Resident Retail Experts" helps us solve numerous business problems at the same time and keeps us constantly moving forward with a strategy geared toward long term success. CBCG's industry knowledge and experience has been a significant contributor to our company sales and profit growth over the past two years - if she would let me hire her full time, I would!

- Karmen B., Boutique Owner, Denver, CO

A Proactive Approach—Begin with the End In Mind

To begin, we’ll sit down and talk about what keeps you up at night with your business. We’ll review the numbers, discuss the data and talk about your customers. Then we’ll work the numbers to develop a monthly check in plan, designed to keep you focused & on track. You'll report your own positive results each month based on following the plan. 

Are you ready to refine your approach?

Questions to consider:

  • Do you know where sales and profits are projected at year-end right now?
  • Do you have specific plans designed to scale your business for the next 2 years?
  • Do you have daily, weekly and monthly reviews to insure your business goals are always in focus?

If you don't have a quick answer for these, Let's chat.