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Creative Business Consulting Group (CBCG) helps solve retail problems. Help Retail Businesses grow sales, improve marketing, develop visual merchandising, create social media posts and create and maintain inventory management programs.

Goal is to help retailers improve sales and improve profits and maximize business results across the entire operation. 

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Typically - when new businesses approach us they have a "pain" that they can't identify.  They can tell us that they don't have enough money to pay their expenses, payroll or that they want a new awning - but that's all they can say. 

Based on our 30 years of retail business experience, usually this "pain" is caused by an operating area or "business system" is not working.  At this point, business owners typically believe that fixing the symptoms will solve the problem - but without doing as assessment to determine the actual performance of each business area - it's like putting a Band-Aid on a large gash.  It doesn't solve the problem.

CBCG works to determine the overall health of our clients by running a business assessment.  Here clients answer questions about their business which then helps CBCG identify where the "pain" is coming from and helps us better assess how to solve the problem for the Long-Term. 

Send us your name and tell us your current business pains. We'll send you the CBCG assessment form to help identify what your business must do in order to get on road to better health right away! 

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